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News release: Xrefer Offers Xreferplus Access During National Library Week

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Xrefer to Offer Free Xreferplus Access During National Library Week
Content from Hundreds of Reference Books Available to Libraries

BOSTON, MA, April 5, 2005-Xrefer, provider of online reference services to
libraries worldwide, announced today that it is offering free access to
its Xreferplus Ready-Reference service during National Library Week, April
10-16, 2005.

Xreferplus Ready-Reference is a completely customizable online reference
solution for academic, public and corporate libraries.  It features
full-text, aggregated content from hundreds of reference books, with 2
million entries covering every major subject.  By combining
multi-publisher content with unique cross-referencing technology,
Xreferplus delivers authoritative answers fast, wherever and whenever
library users need them.

Librarians are invited to sign up for free access to Xreferplus during
National Library Week at http://www.xrefer.com/libraries/oneweektrial.jsp.  
More information about Xreferplus is available at http://www.xrefer.com.

For more information contact Ellen McCullough at (617) 426-5710 or by
e-mail at ellen.mccullough@xrefer.com.