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Re: DOAJ update

This is a solvable problem.  We read that DOAJ relies on "feedback from
users."  The implication here is that users are unreliable in providing
such feedback.  The solution is to hire someone to do the job and to
charge users for the increased reliability.  If not enough users sign on,
then it is reasonable to conclude that the DOAJ is not a sufficiently
valuable service for its constituency to reorder the priority of its
expenditures.  This radical innovation would increase the overall
efficiency of scholarly communications and reduce inforrmation glut.

Joe Esposito

On Apr 1, 2005 5:51 PM, J�rgensen Lotte <Lotte.Jorgensen@lub.lu.se> wrote:
> DOAJ relay on feedback from users. When we get information on changes,
> dead links, new titles we correct the information we have in DOAJ, remove
> or add titles to the database for the benefit of all.  We do our utmost to
> be as current as possible but without feedback it is not possible for us
> without building an organization that would make it unsustainable.  The
> large user population is giving us mainly feedback on new titles. I
> believe we can become better at maintaining the current collection than we
> are right now and one of the ways would be to encourage users to supply us
> with information on dead links and titles that are not updated.  We are
> working on an update of the DOAJ criteria
> <http://www.doaj.org/articles/about#criteria> and we might include a
> section on yearly publisher feedback to us as mandatory for inclusion in
> DOAJ.  If any of you have ideas for the criteria's you are very welcome to
> mail them to me.
> Best regards,
> Lotte
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