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The October issue of Learned Publishing is now available

Dear Colleague,

The October 2004 issue of Learned Publishing is now available to members
and subscribers on the ALPSP web site.

The very interesting, and sometimes rather unexpected, conclusions from
the ciber study of the attitudes of academic authors are fully set out in
an article by Rowlands, Nicholas and Huntington.  Building on that survey
and the earlier one by Swan and Brown, Stephen Pinfield writes on what he
feels universities now want from publishing whilst Kate Worlock provides a
more general overview of the STM publishing market based on studies
carried out by Electronic Publishing Services Ltd.

Kent Anderson describes the measurement of the extent of changing patterns
of usage of the New England Journal of Medicine as print and on-line
versions are both available and Paul Jackson tells how a professional
institution (the IEE) has successfully re-engineered its provision of
information to its members by fully using the flexibility offered by new

Two specific projects are described:  the long-standing UTB text-book
collaboration of a group of German publishers and the Canada-based
International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication which
offers a modestly-priced self-publishing facility for academic journals.

Charlie Rapple describes the growing sophistication of reference-linking
and the problems that still need to be resolved to get the maximum benefit
from it.

Wang Shuhua and Wang Hengjun describe the challenges facing university
journals in China as they come to terms with the need to enter more fully
into the international journals community.

In a Guest Editorial Tim Rix gives a rationally up-beat account of the
present state of the university presses, their importance and their

Many thanks

Laura Cox
Managing Director 
Frontline Global Marketing Services Ltd
4 Richmond Road
NN12 6EX