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Launch of IngentaConnect

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to announce that the new web service from Ingenta,
IngentaConnect.com, will launch this week.

To manage the transition as seamlessly as possible, we will initially
transfer Ingenta.com users over to IngentaConnect.com on approximately
Tuesday 26th October. This transfer will be repeated for IngentaSelect.com
users between ten days-two weeks later to minimize any potential service
disruption. IngentaConnect Premium, the new enhanced set of services for
IngentaConnect, will be scheduled for launch after IngentaConnect.com goes

These switchovers will require no action on your part, as your access
rights and linking arrangements have all been reallocated by Ingenta.
However, should you have any queries in the lead-up to the launch, please
don't hesitate to contact us at help@ingenta.com.

Kind Regards,
Amel Abourachid

Pre-Book for IngentaConnect Premium at www.ingentaconnect.com/icpremium.html
Library Business Manager
Ingenta PLC
Unit 1 Riverside Court, Bath, BA2 3DZ, UK
T  +44 1225 361113
F  +44 1225 361155
E  amel.abourachid@ingenta.com