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Crisis in Scholarly Communication

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I am an MLIS student and am researching for a paper on the crisis in
scholarly communication - namely

1) The ever-increasing amount of information created, concern with one or
few publishers marketing/ owning databases in a subject area and the high
price for these

2) The seeming inability of libraries to pick and choose what materials
they access via these databases (the all-or-nothing issue)

3) Concerns about access to these databases due to stability, content,
lack of archived material, what happens with a contract or license is

4) Does being published in an online journal diminish the 'scholarly'
impact of the article and/or writer's reputation?  Is this a more or less
credible format?

If anyone can provide any data, feedback or even anecdotal information on
all or any of these issues I would be extremely grateful.

Sincerely, Inken Purvis