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Citation databases and open access journals

greetings all,

It seems to me that citation databases are moving rather slowly at picking
up open access content. While some conservatism is understandable given
the experiences of online journals over the past few years, my sense is
that there are enough stable, high-quality OA journals that it just makes
sense to include them. At a minimum, articles in BioMedCentral, the
Directory of Open Access Journals, PubMedCentral, and Public Library of
Science should be included, as well as Scielo (Latin American OA journals)
- unless all are included in DOAJ.

Adding these to citation databases will obviously greatly increase the
value of these databases, essentially adding fulltext content at the cost
of indexing.

Any comments from publishers on where they are with indexing OA content? (Or anyone else, of course).


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