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Oxford Journals Press Release - Archiving deal

Apologies for cross posting...

Readers of this list may be interested in the following news.

Following the news last week of the revealing LISU Scholarly Journals
pricing report, Today Oxford Journals announced the successful completion
of an online archive agreement between Oxford Journals (Oxford University
Press), and Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), the National Library of the

I hope this information will be of use to you.

There is also a photograph of the conclusion of the deal available should
this be required.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Rachel Goode
Communications Manager
Oxford Journals
Great Clarendon Street

Tel: 44-1685-353388
Email: Rachel.Goode@oupjournals.org


Long-term accessibility of Oxford Journals' archive is assured

The Hague, October 13th, 2004 

Today, Martin Richardson, Managing Director of Oxford Journals, a Division
of OUP, and Wim van Drimmelen, Director General of the Koninklijke
Bibliotheek (KB), the National Library of the Netherlands, signed an
agreement securing long-term digital archiving of Oxford Journals' entire
collection. Under the terms of this agreement the KB will receive digital
copies of all current and digitized back-archive journal issues made
available on the Oxford Journals online platform (www.oupjournals.org),
which currently hosts 184 scholarly journals spanning the academic
spectrum from humanities to science.

"This is an important agreement for Oxford Journals and our publishing
partners," commented Richardson. "Being able to guarantee secure,
long-term preservation of everything that we publish online is a key
requirement for us as well as for our authors and readers.  In addition to
continuing to maintain our own repository, it is our responsibility as
part of the academic community to ensure that multiple copies of our
digital archives are preserved for use by future generations. We are
delighted to be collaborating with the KB, which has made a major
contribution to the long-term archiving of digital collections.''

In 1994, the KB decided to include electronic publications in its
depository collection. Since then, research and development on long-term
digital archiving has been a top priority for the KB, who have worked in
close collaboration with IBM to develop an electronic deposit system (e
Depot). This was implemented in December 2002 and was the first such
system to be owned by a national library.

"For everybody involved in research and the communication of research
results - authors, researchers, librarians and publishers alike - this
agreement should be viewed as yet another step forward in securing
permanence of the records of scholarly research", commented Wim van
Drimmelen. "The KB have signed similar agreements with several major
publishers and hopes to work with others in the future."

The KB will provide on-site access to the Oxford Journals Collection to
all who come to the library and are permitted access to the library's
collections. In addition, should there be a major interruption to the
service offered on the Oxford Journals online platform, the KB would be
part of the interim service system.


For further information please contact:
Rachel Goode
Communications Manager
Oxford Journals
Oxford University Press
Great Clarendon Street
Oxford, OX2 6DP
Tel: +44 1865 353388  

Notes to Editors:

Oxford University Press (OUP) is the world's largest and most
international of university presses. Founded in 1478, it currently
publishes more than 4,500 new books a year, has a presence in over fifty
countries, and employs some 3,700 people worldwide. It has become familiar
to millions through a diverse publishing programme that includes scholarly
works in all academic disciplines, bibles, music, school and college
textbooks, children's books, materials for teaching English as a foreign
language, business books, dictionaries and reference books, and journals.
Oxford Journals, a Division of OUP, publishes over 180 journals covering a
broad range of subject areas, two-thirds of which are published in
collaboration with learned societies and other international
organisations. The collection contains some of the world's most
prestigious titles, including Nucleic Acids Research, JNCI (Journal of the
National Cancer Institute), Brain, Human Reproduction, English Historical
Review, and the Review of Financial Studies.  For further information
visit www.oupjournals.org.

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) is the National Library of the
Netherlands (www.kb.nl). The Library was founded in 1798. The KB is an
autonomous administrative body financed by the Dutch Ministry of
Education, Culture and Science. The KB's mission statement is to provide
universal access to the knowledge and culture of the past and present by
providing high-quality services for research, study and cultural
enrichment.  Major tasks are:  Preservation, management, documentation and
accessibility of the national cultural heritage in written, printed and
electronic form. Deposit library for Dutch publications and National
Bibliography. Research library aimed at Dutch history, language and
culture in a wide international context. Rare and special collections like
medieval manuscripts and early printed books. Exhibitions and
publications. Knowledge center for digitization, preservation and
restoration. Support for co-operation between libraries, musea and
archives. Co-ordinator of national preservation and digitization programs
Metamorphose and Memory of the Netherlands.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek 
Director Information Technology and Facility Management 
PO Box 90407 
2509 LK The Hague 
Tel +31 70 3140644 
Fax + 31 703140651 
E-mail: johan.steenbakkers@kb.nl
Web: www.kb.nl