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Re: International Standard for Journal - Reg

Usha: I discuss various Journal Standards in my article
"Seize the E!: The Eclectic Journal and Its Ramifications," _The
Serials Librarian_ 44, no. 1-2 (2003): 91-113.

A copy is  self-archived at:
(accessed 13 October 2004)

See pp. 12- and following, as well the Notes (Bibliography), Items
32-54, but particularly 49 & 50.


Gerry McKiernan
Associate Professor
Science and Technology Librarian and  Bibliographer
Iowa State University Library
Ames IA 50011


>>> adulib@rediffmail.com 10/11/2004 5:46:06 PM >>>

We are interested to know the Website Address that will give information
on "International Standards for journals". This information will be useful
for us as we want to apply for getting this status for our journal. Best
wishes, Usha