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SSP announces its 2004 Fall Seminar Series

SSP announces its 2004 Fall Seminar Series -- with open registration to

You are invited to participate in any of the Society for Scholarly
Publishing's day-long educational events at the PALINET Headquarters in
Philadelphia, PA this November.

o Hear the risks and rewards of innovation
o Learn about the newest workflows from publishers who have adopted them
o Avoid pitfalls your colleagues have already encountered
o Refresh your toolkit for managing today's processes effectively
o Prepare for the next wave of change in scholarly publishing

SSP Seminars are highly ranked for value and relevance by your publishing
colleagues; come to Philadelphia and find out why!

View additional information and register online:

---  Seminar Dates and Topics ----

** Book Publishing, from Soup to Nuts, Monday, November 15 ** Moderator:
Greg Fagan, Editorial Manager, AccessMedicine, McGraw-Hill

	Journals have been the first to adopt new technologies, but book
publishing is undergoing the same evolution to digital formats.  This
seminar will bring together experts from societies and large commercial
publishers to discuss which products are appropriate for digital formats
and the new production methods used to enable digital delivery to an
E-book, the Web, or PDA. Financial implications of these critical
decisions will also be discussed, as will sales and marketing methods.

** Scholarly Serials Marketing: Contemporary Tools for Traditional
Content, Tuesday, November 16 **

Moderator: Priscilla Markwood, Manager, Industry Relations, Cadmus

	Effective marketing of scholarly serials hinges on successful use
of standard practices and novel approaches. Industry experts will guide
attendees through four essential parts of a contemporary marketing program
- doing the research, managing librarians' expectations, remembering the
basics, and applying the latest technologies.

** Content and Content Management: Digital Rights Management - Our Present
Environment and Solutions, Wednesday November 17 **

Moderators: Edward Colleran, Director of Publisher Relations, Copyright
Clearance Center (CCC) and Carol Richman, Director of Licensing, SAGE

	As we address ways to deliver content, digital rights management
becomes a must-have in order to protect our companies, our authors, and
our users.  In our current world of trying to adopt "open access" or
becoming a "green publisher," publishers need to address the rules around
content and how best to deliver it while still meeting business

** Technology Blitz-A Practical Update on How Technology Is Changing
Journal Workflow, Thursday November 18 **

Moderators: Frank J. Stumpf, Jr., President and Chief Operating Officer,
SPI Publisher Services and Todd Carpenter, Director of Business
Development, BioOne

	Journal and book workflows are undergoing considerable change.
Market technologies are converging and driving publishers and their
service providers to collaborate to effect significant change and
improvement. There is consistent and growing pressure for "better, faster,
cheaper."  This session will take a practical look at how publishers and
their service providers are employing the latest technology to respond to
these pressures.

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