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Open access questionnaire: Call for respondents

Dear Colleague,

Open access to scholarly journal articles is a topic of growing 
importance.  Open access enables free and immediate electronic access 
to a scholar's work. Studies show that open access increases the impact 
of - and number of citations to - work made accessible in this way.

We are interested in understanding scholars' views on open access 
publishing and self-archiving and would very much like to hear your 
opinions. Please would you help by completing the questionnaire at
http://www.keyperspectives.co.uk/OA/sarchiv.htm.  It will be used to 
inform universities, research funders and scholars themselves of the 
state of play and how open access is progressing.

Naturally, all responses will be treated as confidential and you may 
opt to remain anonymous if you wish.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We do value your input and

Yours sincerely,

Alma Swan, PhD
Key Perspectives Ltd
United Kingdom