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Digital Rights Management and E-books - light reading

Some amusing reading for a Friday that may be of interest to this

1.  This is a speech that EFF guy Cory Doctorow gave at Microsoft about
why digital rights management systems do not work, are bad for society,
business and creators:  http://craphound.com/msftdrm.txt (you've got to
love a guy who starts his talk to the digital rights folks at Microsoft by
saying, "Greetings fellow pirates!" )

2.  "Ebooks: Neither e- nor books.  Discuss."
O'Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference, 2004

- Doctorow published his books under the Creative Commons license and
reported the same finding as the National Academies Press (previous
posting at
"Making our material easily and freely available helps us sell books."

Happy weekend!
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