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Re: Elsevier Gives Authors Green Light for Open Access Self-Archiving

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Bob Parks wrote:

> The change seems to be from the restriction still found on:
> <http://authors.elsevier.com/getting_published.html?dc=PRP>

Elsevier inicated that they are in the process of revising their
documentation. (Bob here quotes the old documentation.)

>       "Each posting should include the article's citation and a link to
>       the journal's home page"

Citing and linking the article is simply good scholarly practise in any case.

>     "but any other posting (e.g. to a repository elsewhere) would require
>     our permission."
> Hence I can post to my own web pages, and possibly to EconWPA.wustl.edu
> (since it is housed by my institution) or possibly not (because it is not
> my institution's archive) but I can not post it to some other 'elsewhere'
> server without permission meaning PALE GREEN.

The restriction against 3rd party websites is to avoid sanctioning
3rd-party cut-rate rival-publication. But (1) OA-accesibility to all
obviates any motivation to do 3rd-party re-publication and (2)
OAI-interoperability means it is sufficient to self-archive in one's own
institutional archive and merely deposit the metadata and link in other
archives, if one wishes.

Elsevier is a BRIGHT GREEN publisher.

Stevan Harnad