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utl fee?

Dear collegues,

I searched the list's archives before writing this message, but couldn't
find anything answering my question.

So here goes: have anyone ever heard of a model proposed by Elsevier which
would contain a "UTL fee"? It was explained to me thus: you subscribe to,
say, 1000 online titles (worth, say, 1.200.000 EUR, the "UTL value") from
the catalog of 1800+ titles, and besides you are the proud owner of
100.000 EUR worth of paper subscriptions in your collections; this fee is
calculated, or so it seems, by applying a percentage on the value of the
titles you *don't* subscribe to in paper, i.e.: x% of (1.200.000 -
100.000) = x EUR

It's the first time I see this "feature" and I was just wondering if anyone had heard of it before?


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