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Re: Revisions to AIP*s Online Journal License

Ms. Orr,

Thank you for posting the information about AIP's policy for using
electronic content for ILL!  A group of us has created a Web site at which
publishers can share their ILL policies, with the aim of collecting this
information in one place to save time and effort for library staff.  The
site is at this address:

I invite you to consider joining other major publishers and posting your
ILL policies at this site.  It would be great to have them there.  Thanks
very much!

Susan J. Barnes
Network Librarian, Resource Sharing
Health Sciences Library Box 357155
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195

(206)221-7425 voice
(206)543-2469 fax

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Christine Orr wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> AIP recognizes that needs change as libraries increasingly move towards
> e-only collections. Toward that end, we have modified our online license
> to allow the electronic version of journals covered by our license to be
> used to fulfill interlibrary loan requests. Please note that the following
> paragraph has been added to the "Permitted Use" section of our online
> license:
> "Interlibrary loan: AIP-prepared electronic article files may not be
> transmitted in their original digital form to any other institution or to
> a non-Authorized user. A hard copy printed from the electronic files of
> the journal(s) may be supplied to another institution by mail or fax or
> secure transmission using Ariel or its equivalent, whereby the electronic
> file is deleted immediately after printing, provided the institution is
> not-for-profit and within the same country as the Subscriber. The supply
> of such copies must conform to CONTU guidelines or similar restrictions to
> 'fair use' provisions under copyright law."
> There have been other changes to this license:
> * As AIP has renamed its Web hosting service, the license is now titled
> Scitation Institutional Single-Site User License. It was formerly the
> Online Journal Publishing Service (OJPS) Institutional Single-Site User
> License.
> * The journal Geochemical Transactions has been added to the list of
> titles covered by the Scitation license. Now published by AIP for the
> Geochemistry Division of the American Chemical Society, this title was
> formerly published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Further information
> about this title will shortly be posted to this list. Annals of Biomedical
> Engineering has been deleted from the list of titles. Formerly produced by
> AIP for the Biomedical Engineering Society, this title is now published by
> Kluwer Academic.
> Formal notice of these changes has been sent by email to all institutional
> subscribers, with additional details. Please contact me if you are a
> subscriber and have not received formal notification.
> Sincerely yours,
> Christine Orr
> Marketing Manager
> American Institute of Physics
> http://librarians.aip.org