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What are the Key Library Issues? (fwd)

Posted on request from Hazel Woodward:


Dear Colleagues,

We would like to know what you think are the most important issues for
libraries that have implications for publishers.  ALPSP is holding a
seminar for publishers on "Understanding Libraries: how they work and what
they want" in London in April.  It will conclude with a discussion session
on key library issues.  To prepare for it, we want to do a quick poll to
find out what librarians think the most important issues are.

Below is a list of possible issues with implications for publishers.
Simply rank the 5 you feel are most important by placing 1, 2, 3, etc next
to the item (where 1 = most important and 5 = least important).

Then forward the email to c.baldwin@dial.pipex.com
[mailto:c.baldwin@dial.pipex.com].  Please feel free to explain why you
feel they are important.  The results of the poll will be presented at the
seminar, and the discussion session will focus on the top ranked issues.

      Big Deals
      Electronic archiving
      Electronic backfiles, publisher policies on creation and access
      Institutional e-print repositories
      Intermediaries and their role in content provision
      Open access
      Resource discovery software
      Usability issues for information products
      Usage statistics, e.g. publishers supply them to agreed standards

If you are not familiar with ALPSP, it's the organization that represents
not-for-profit publishers worldwide and presents seminars on a wide range
of publishing issues.  This seminar will be unique for ALPSP in that all
of the presentations will be by librarians.  We hope it will improve
understanding and communication between publishers and librarians.  More
details about ALPSP are at http://www.alpsp.org and the seminar at

Many thanks in advance

Hazel Woodward, University Librarian, Cranfield University
Ian Bannerman, Blackwell Publishing
Christine Baldwin, ALPSP Professional Development Committee