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RE: BioMedCentral Revised Institutional Membership Model

Dear Jan,

Cornell has received its bill for 2004 (our second year of BMC
membership), and we are still charged a fixed membership cost (largest
tier) at $7,065. I checked how many first-author research articles were
published by Cornell authors in 2003 and counted 3, which leads me to
believe that we should have been charged $1,500 (3 x $500) instead. There were other types of materials published (poster presentation, short
communication, editorials, opinions), but even adding up these, I get to 8
publications which totals $4,000. I followed up and found out that all
NERL libraries were also charged flat rates. Will Cornell and all other
libraries that have been overcharged for institutional memberships be

--Phil Davis

At 06:07 PM 2/10/2004 -0500, Jan Veltrop wrote:

Apologies if I wasn't clear enough last time. Membership fees after the
initial year are calculated on the basis of the number of articles from a
given member institution published in that first year, times the base
Article Processing Charge. The calculation will take place anytime a
membership is up for renewal.