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ALPSP Seminar: Preserving the knowledge base of science

Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 17:50:33 -0000
From: Debbie Stoddart <marketing@alpsp.org>
Subject: ALPSP Seminar: Preserving the knowledge base of science 

(please pass this information on to your members if you think it will be
of interest)

ALPSP/FST Seminar Preserving the Knowledge-Base of Science

17 March 2004   Chair: John Marsden, Director, Linn�an Society

Linn�an Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London WIJ 0BF

This afternoon seminar will describe how we currently preserve the
archives of science, focusing on the collections of national libraries and
other great repositories in the UK, and then move on to describe the
challenges of the future: the trend towards retro-digitisation of print,
new developments in the archiving of electronic material, and the
particular problems of archiving huge amounts of data.  Are we taking the
right steps towards creating secure electronic archiving systems that will
preserve the 'knowledge-base of science', in the same way that print (and
to a certain extent microfilm) has done in the past?  What is the role of
the learned society?  What is the role of the publisher?  Does the move
towards Open Access publishing models present an opportunity or a
challenge to the permanent preservation of knowledge?

This seminar will be of interest to technical, editorial and management
staff from learned societies and scholarly publishers, who are concerned
about the preservation of the archives of their own discipline and who
want to understand their future role in achieving this. Librarians and
research scientists will also find the afternoon of value.


1.45        Registration and coffee/tea
2.00        Introduction from the chair John Marsden
2.15        How we do it now: the British Library and the Research Libraries
		Network, Caroline Pung, British Library
2.35        Discussion
2.40        Future challenges
              Neil Beagrie, Digital Preservation Coalition
3.00        Case studies
                    Ray Clark, Royal Photographic Society

                    Preservation of born-digital publications
                    (Speaker to be confirmed)

                    Preservation of data/e-science/human genome
                    Graham Cameron, EBI
4.00        Discussion
4.10        Tea/coffee
4.45        New solutions? The impact of new publishing model
5.05        Discussion and summing up by chair
5.30        Wine reception, refreshments and tour of archives

Fees excluding VAT
ALPSP/FST members: �85.00;   Academic: �100.00;  SFEP freelance members:
Non-members: �170.00

To register online: http://www.alpsp.org/events/s170304.htm

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