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Project MUSE News: Muse Launches COUNTER-Compliant Statistics

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 13:48:54 -0500
From: Melanie Schaffner <melanie@muse.jhu.edu>
To: muse_admin@chaos.press.jhu.edu
Subject: Project MUSE News: Muse Launches COUNTER-Compliant Statistics

Muse Launches New COUNTER-Compliant Statistics Tool

Project MUSE has launched a new usage statistics tool in response to the
development of the COUNTER Code of Practice for online usage statistics.
We have taken this opportunity to make changes to the back end of our
system in order to ensure the improved delivery of our usage statistics.  
The new statistics tool, which replaces our former ICOLC-compliant tool,
will launch on February 14, 2004.  Institutions will be able to view their
2004 usage statistics at the new URL, http://stats.muse.jhu.edu.

With the new COUNTER-compliant tool, libraries will no longer need to
manually run their statistics for the time period they specify.  Instead,
monthly statistics will be automatically loaded by the 14th of the
subsequent month and will be cumulative, so that year-to-date totals will
display at any point in the year.  Authorized librarians from subscribing
institutions simply sign on with their login and password to view their
current statistics.  (To request a login and password, e-mail
muse@muse.jhu.edu, being sure to include name, title, and institutional
affiliation.)  The statistics will be provided in Excel format so
libraries can easily import data to their master spreadsheets for
comparison with other COUNTER-compliant databases, or manipulate the data
to suit their needs.

Though the new tool will begin with 2004 statistics, institutions can
still request that their 2003 and 2002 statistics be sent to them in Excel
format by e-mailing muse@muse.jhu.edu. Note that statistics from prior to
2004 will be compiled according to the ICOLC-compliant standards and will
not be consistent with the new COUNTER-compliant statistics.

Muse is currently COUNTER-compliant (Level I) and is moving towards Level
II COUNTER compliance. View the COUNTER Code of Practice
(http://www.projectcounter.org/) for more information about COUNTER and
levels of compliance.