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ALPSP evidence to Science & Technology Committee

As readers of this list may be aware, the Science & Technology Committee
of the UK's House of Commons recently announced an Inquiry into Scientific
Publications.  With a great deal of helpful input from Council and other
members, we have prepared our written submission which went in today - you
will find it linked from 'What's New' on the home page of the ALPSP
website (www.alpsp.org)

We shall also be making a presentation at a preliminary workshop next week
which has been organised by the Wellcome Foundation (Sue Thorn, our former
Chair, will be speaking on our behalf - I and Phil Hurst (ALPSP Treasurer)
will also be present).  In addition, we have been advised that I am likely
to be called to give oral evidence as one of a panel of not-for-profit
publishers on 1 March;  the Committee will be seeing a panel of commercial
publishers separately.

Sally Morris, Chief Executive
Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
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