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Re: Open access and the ALA

I was hoping there would be some official response from someone in ALA on
this question.  Recently, I submitted an article for an ALA magazine and
was very surprised to read the copyright agreement they sent me (asking
for full exclusive rights, etc.). When I balked, they sent me a very
acceptable license agreement that gave them the right to publish the
article with the autrhor retaining full copyright otherwise.  I was
troubled that I had to ask, as I understand that many people simply return
these agreements without giving them much thought. Rick is absolutely
right, ALA should lead by example.

Samuel Trosow
University of Western Ontario

Creech, Anna wrote:

Rick Anderson wrote: "Has anyone suggested to the American Library
Association (and its various sections and committees) that it lead by
example on the open access front?"

I suggested something like that in my blog a couple of weeks ago, but as
far as ALA is concerned, I'm a nobody.


Anna Creech, MLS
Serials & Electronic Resources
Eastern Kentucky University
(859) 622-3062