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ACS and Swets Partner to Offer Full-Text Access via SwetsWise

I believe this may be of interest for liblicense readers.

Lisse, the Netherlands
January 26th 2004

ACS and Swets Partner to Offer Full-Text Access via SwetsWise
SwetsWise now an access point for 31 most cited and most requested
ACS journals

Swets Information Services has recently concluded negotiations with the
American Chemical Society (ACS) to provide access to ACS Web Editions, the
current online content of ACS journals, via SwetsWise. SwetsWise is the
web-based, modular service for the procurement, access and management of
subscriptions and online information and now carries a total of 7,787 full
text publications from 295 publishers, with more than 90% of the top STM
publishers participating.

In 2003, ACS Web Editions had more than 1 million total web views per week
on average. ACS Publications publishes 31 journals including their
flagship publication, the Journal of the American Chemical Society. These
journals are the "Most Requested" journals ad recognized by CAS Science
Spotlightsm as well as the most cited journals in chemistry per the ISI�
Journal Citation Reports�. Shell International, a mutual customer of ACS
and SwetsWise, attested to the success of this recent partnership. Shell's
information specialist, Elly van de Vondervoort noted, "We see ACS and
Swets' recent cooperation as an excellent added value for SwetsWise as it
also helps us achieve our overall strategy for e-only resources."

Justin Spence, ACS Publications' Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
announced that "We are very pleased that this agreement between ACS
Publications and Swets Information Services provides ACS Web Edition users
with another expedient means to access full-text articles of ACS journals
via the SwetsWise online content system. This new agreement will further
enhance the dissemination of the most requested and most cited journals to
the scientific chemical community."

"We are delighted that ACS has agreed to participate in SwetsWise,"
commented Steven Hartman, Swets Information Services' Chief Commercial
Officer. "The addition of their unique content will significantly further
enhance the quality of scientific information available to users of the

About ACS Publications

ACS Publications is a division of the American Chemical Society. ACS was
founded in 1876 and is the world's largest scientific society with more
than 161,000 members. ACS advances knowledge and research through
scholarly publishing, scientific conferences, information resources for
education and business, and professional development efforts. The ACS also
plays a leadership role in educating and communicating with public
audiences-citizens, students, public leaders and others-about the
important role that chemistry plays in identifying new solutions,
improving public health, protecting the environment, and contributing to
the economy.

About Swets Information Services 

Swets Information Services is the premier outsourcing and facilitating
partner for the acquisition, access and management of scholarly, business
and professional information. The world's leading academic, government and
medical organizations and one in three Fortune 500 companies choose Swets
as their agent. Our dedicated and experienced staff supports customers in
over 160 countries through 23 offices around the world.

Swets Information Services designed SwetsWise to feature one platform with
two modules: SwetsWise online content and SwetsWise subscriptions. The
online content module offers users a single point of access to content
from the world's leading publishers, boasting over 13 million searchable
references and links to full-text articles available from such prestigious
publishers as Elsevier, Wiley, Blackwell Publishing, Kluwer, Springer,
Emerald, Taylor & Francis, and OECD. The subscription module gives full
control over all steps of the subscription management process. More
information about SwetsWise online content and SwetsWise subscriptions can
be found at www.swetswise.com

ACS Publications Media Contact:
Florence Sumaray
Marketing Manager
American Chemical Society Publications
1155 Sixteenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-872-6031
Fax: 202-872-6005
Email: f_sumaray@acs.org

Swets Information Services Media Contact:
Ylann Schemm
External Communications Executive
P.O. Box 830
2161 CA Lisse, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0) 252 435 584
Fax: +31 (0) 252 415 888
Email: press@nl.swets.com