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New Book Series on ScienceDirect

*Please excuse the cross-posting*

Please see the following announcement regarding the new Book Series on
ScienceDirect.  Daviess Menefee, Library Relations

Elsevier's Book Series on ScienceDirect was officially launched Friday,
January 9 and is now available to all ScienceDirect subscribers.  The
Online Book Series on was initially launched with these packages:

Chemistry package (12 titles) 
Business, Management & Economics package (54 titles) 
Life Sciences package (33 titles) 
Methods in Enzymology (1 title)
Methods in Enzymology Backfiles from (1 title)

More Elsevier book series are planned for ScienceDirect by the end of

Comprehensive information regarding the book series on ScienceDirect can be
found at this URL: http://www.info.sciencedirect.com/bookseries/index.shtml