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Elsevier response to comments regarding INSPEC pricing

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 22:35:27 -0000
From: "Menefee, Daviess (ELS)" <D.Menefee@elsevier.com>
Subject: Elsevier response to comments regarding INSPEC pricing

Please see the following response from Engineering Information regarding the
sales policy for INSPEC on EngineeringVillage2.

Daviess Menefee
Library Relations

In recent postings to the reedelsevier listserv, it has been alleged that,
in order to gain market share for its EngineeringVillage2 platform,
Elsevier has offered to license INSPEC at cost, i.e. without any mark-up
to its customers.  This is incorrect.

Elsevier does offer discounts under certain circumstances, as is common
business practice.  However, in only one instance has Elsevier
exceptionally offered access to INSPEC via the EV2 platform at cost and
this was to a customer in a developing country, and this arrangement will
expire in Q2 2004..  The substantial number of Elsevier customers that
have chosen to license INSPEC on EV2 are being charged competitive market
rates in line with those offered by other vendors.

Engineering Information is committed to building superior products focused
on meeting the needs of the engineering community.  Ei values highly the
relationship it has with its content providers and customers alike.  
While competition in this market is indeed fierce, Ei believes that its
customers look beyond price to judge its product offerings based on both
functionality as well as the unique benefits they provide.