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IOP will no longer offer Axiom services (INSPEC, etc.)

Of possible interest to readers.

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Subject: GENERAL: IOP will no longer offer Axiom services (INSPEC, etc.)
From: thea.sadler@iop.org
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Subject: Axiom(r) Announcement


I regret to inform you that Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP) has
decided to cease the re-selling of bibliographic databases, provided since
1999 through our Axiom(r) service. We will continue to provide a full
Axiom service to existing customers until February 28th, 2005.

With the emergence of major STM publishers into the secondary database
market, significant resources would be required to sustain a competitive
Axiom service.

As a not-for-profit organization, we must target our resources towards
continuing to provide high quality research content to the physics and
wider scientific community. We have decided to be focused on maintaining
and developing our award-winning Electronic Journals service as the
premium platform for the physics and library community, rather than
investing in a separate Axiom service.

Please be assured that your access to Axiom will continue to run
unaffected until the end of your current subscription. If your
subscription is due to end soon, we are also able to extend access for a
reasonable time period. However after February 28th, 2005, we will no
longer be providing any access to Axiom.

Consequently, we are pleased to tell you that we have arranged to
collaborate with EBSCO Publishing to be able to offer our customers their
EBSCOhost implementation of the Inspec(r) Database. We have been very
impressed with this interface and are pleased to assist you in a
transition to EBSCOhost.

As part of our collaboration, you will be provided with free and
simultaneous access to the Inspec Database via EBSCOhost for the remainder
of your current Axiom - Inspec subscription. An EBSCO representative will
be contacting you about this shortly.

Many of our customers have helped significantly with the development and
testing of the Axiom service, and your input and support has been very
much appreciated. We will be assisting EBSCO with future developments to
EBSCOhost, so your comments and suggestions will be passed on to them. We
will of course help you through this change in any way we can, regardless
of which interface you choose.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported
IOP and the Axiom database service since its launch in 1999. If you should
require any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact
your local representative or our Electronic Product Support Department at
custserv@iop.org. Alternatively you are welcome to contact me directly.

Kind regards,

Thea Sadler
Product Manager
Journals Sales & Marketing
Institute of Physics Publishing
Dirac House, Temple Back
Bristol BS1 6BE
Tel: +44 (0)117 929 7481 (Direct tel: +44 (0)117 930 1045)
Fax:. +44 (0)117 929 4318 (Direct fax: +44 (0)117 930 1202)
E-mail: thea.sadler@iop.org