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Elsevier agreement with Univ. of California

*Please excuse the cross posting*

The following press release was issued today at the ALA Midwinter 
Conference.  Daviess Menefee

San Diego, CA - 10 January 2004:  Shortly before the opening of the
American Library Association Midwinter Meeting, Elsevier announced that it
has signed a 5-year agreement with the California Digital Library (CDL),
after several months of intense negotiations.

The agreement provides over 300,000 University of California (UC)
undergraduates, graduates, researchers, faculty and staff with access to
the UC list of subscribed titles, all Cell Press titles and Elsevier's
entire collection of backfiles for all subject areas, back to Volume 1,
Issue 1 which alone comprises 3 million articles.

The agreement relating to the subscribed titles list provides the UC user
community with access to approximately 3.6 million full-text articles and
59 million abstracts.  Furthermore, the agreement contains the standard
Elsevier "walk-up" provision, which permits *all* California citizens
coming to UC libraries for scientific and medical information, free access
to content covered under the agreement.

Although the negotiation period was challenging for both parties, the tone
of the discussion was professional and cordial throughout.  "This
agreement provides access for researchers to the critical scientific
content determined by UC librarians over the past few months.  The
conclusion of the agreement now allows both sides to focus their energies
on new areas for cooperation.  We would like to thank the CDL negotiating
team for their efforts," said Frank Vrancken Peeters, Elsevier's Managing
Director for Sales, Science & Technology, Elsevier.