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Elsevier activities at ALA Midwinter

The following activities at the ALA Midwinter meeting and accompanying
publications may be of interest to readers of this list.

Sunday, January 11: 11:00am.  Library Connect Editors' Session - The
Elsevier Library Science Journals (Elsevier Booth, 1506) Authors, here is
an opportunity to speak informally with an Elsevier journal editor about
publishing your manuscript in one of our journals.

The following Library Connect presentations will be repeated throughout the

How to Support Your Authors
How to Promote Effective Use of Online Resources

These products will be featured with live demonstrations:

New from ScienceDirect- Book Series on ScienceDirect
Engineering Index Backfile
Major Reference Works-Print and Online
LinkFinderPlus Subscription Service
MDL DiscoveryGate (SM)

Stop by booth 1506 and pick up a copy of the presentation schedule.

Now available online are the following:

Library Connect Newsletter, issues 3 and 4 at this URL:

Two recently released guides from Library Connect are also available on the
same page:

15 Ways to Promote Effective Use of Online Resources
How to Get Published in LIS Journals: A Practical Guide

Daviess Menefee
Library Relations