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BioMedNet Reviews to continue at bmn.com

*Please excuse the cross posting.*

The following statement has been released from BioMedNet regarding the
status of the BioMedNet Reviews product.  All customers will also receive
direct notification from their Account Manager about the status of their
BioMedNet Reviews service in the near future.

Daviess Menefee
Library Relations

Elsevier recently announced as part of our continuing online strategy our
intention to integrate our marketing services more effectively. We have
decided to stop further investment in the portals BioMedNet, ChemWeb and
ElsevierEngineering.com and ultimately they will close during 2004. A plan
is underway to move essential products and services currently hosted in
these environments to alternative solutions. The following is in response
to specific list serve questions surrounding our full text subscription
service BioMedNet Reviews currently hosted at BioMedNet.

It is our absolute priority and commitment to continue BioMedNet Reviews
without interruption of service until the portal closes. Until we are able
to offer customers an alternative service, BioMedNet Reviews will remain
fully operational at http://reviews.bmn.com. As we do not anticipate an
alternative service being made available until mid-year, we would advise
BioMedNet Reviews customers to renew their subscription to ensure
continued access for their users.  We will be contacting all subscribers
with full details of the alternative service in due course.