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Cost and Value in Journal Information Provision

The ASA Conference for this year (2004) is The Money Trail - Cost and
Value in Journal Information Provision which given recent discussions in
the industry should prove topical! The programme is outlined below and
full details are on
www.subscription-agents.org/conference/200402/index.html Apologies for any

The Money Trail - Cost and Value in Journal Information Provision
23/24 Feb, 2004 London


Session 1: Research funding and the acquisition of knowledge
How research is funded.  Bahram Bekhradnia, Director, Higher Education
Policy Institute

The acquisition of knowledge   Michael A. Keller, Director of Academic
Information Resources, Stanford University

The value of information  Natalie Ceeney, Director of Operations and
Services, The  British Library

Session 2: The Publishing of research information
The publishing process and how publishers price journals?  Sue Corbett,
Publishing Director, Blackwell Publishing

Do not-for-profit publishers offer better value?  Jerry Cowhig, Director,
Institute of Physics Publishing

Session 3: Funding the libraries
Economics of open access: gauging the impact on academic library budgets. T.
Scott Plutchak, Director, Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences,
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Consortium finance the way ahead or a dead end?  Thorsteinn Hallgrimsson,
Deputy National Librarian, The National and University Library of Iceland
The virtual library is a reality :  providing and funding a corporate
virtual library service

Roger Brown, Manager Contracts and Licences, Information Management,

Gathering up the individuals.  Robbie Frazer, Director, Prenax


Session 4. Mergers and acquisitions

The role of venture capital and private equity.  Derrick Holman, Consultant

The merger phenomenon - does size matter?  David Warlock, Electronic
Publishing Services

Session 5: Improving the efficiency
Prioritising the spend.  Christine Fyfe, Librarian, University of Leicester

Keeping research information VAT free.  Teresa Hackett, The Frankfurt Group
Tailored services through licensing. Leah Halliday, User Support Manager,

Intermediation improves efficiency, reduces cost. Debbie Dore, Swets
Information Services

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