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ALPSP Technology Update - Benefiting from Usage Statistics

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Benefiting from Usage Statistics
15 January 2004 (09.30-12.40) Chair: Hazel Woodward, Cranfield 

Topics to be covered include:
  a.. Why libraries and publishers need usage statistics
  Hazel Woodward, University Librarian, Cranfield University
  b.. COUNTER - the strategy
  Peter Shepherd, Project Director, COUNTER
  c.. COUNTER - the code of practice
  Peter Shepherd, Project Director, COUNTER
  d.. Implementing COUNTER - the publisher's perspective
  Timo Hannay, Head of New Technology, Nature Publishing Group
  e.. Future requirements/developments

Venue: Business Systems Group, BSG House, 226-236 City Road, London, 

Fees including lunch: ALPSP members: =A395; Academic rate: =A3110; SFEP 
individual members: =A3145; Non-members: =A3180 (excluding VAT)

Full programme and to register online: 

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