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Re: Journals, Peer-Reviewed Journals, Open-Access Journals, OpenAccess

Today, on a snowy New England Sunday, I trolled randomly through a number
of Open Access titles in STM; while some are well established and are
carrying a visible amount of traffic, many seem to be very regional or
specialized and others are (still) very thin in content.  I clicked
randomly on about 10 of the BMC titles and while some seem robust, many so
far have few contributions.  Sally's comment below looks right:  one
cannot (yet) assign to OA journals anywhere near the same average number
of articles as to established subscription journals.  Ann Okerson

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Sally Morris wrote:

> I would question Stevan's estimate that 2.5% of articles are published in
> OA journals.  While it does indeed look as if 2 - 2.5% of peer reviewed
> journals are OA (that is, if all those listed by Lund et al are peer
> reviewed), I very much doubt that they carry as many articles as the rest.
> This is because OA journals are, almost without exception, relatively new
> and extremely long-established journals tend to be far, far, bigger in
> terms of issues and articles published per year.
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> > Bowker's Ulrichsweb http://www.ulrichsweb.com/ulrichsweb/ indexes about
> > 250,000 serials. Of those 250,000 serials about 10% (24,000) are
> > peer-reviewed journals. Of those 24,000 about 2.5% (600) are indexed by
> > The Directory of Open Access Journals http://www.doaj.org/ which indexes
> > only peer-reviewed journals.
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