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BioMedNet, ChemWeb,ElsevierEngineering.com will be withdrawn

Of possible interest.

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Subject: BioMedNet and ChemWeb to cease operations
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 10:33:55 -0000
From: Bill Town <btown@KILMORIE.COM>

The following statement can be found in the current (3 December 2003)
'Elsevier Today' which is freely available to visitors to Elsevier's
offices and is presumably therefore not secret:

"The Science & Technology (S&T) Board has reviewed its portal marketing
activities and feels that the contribution of this form of marketing to
S&T's current business is not sufficient to continue the associated high
investments. The existing S&T portals, BioMedNet, ChemWeb,
ElsevierEngineering.com will be withdrawn and their associated operations,
products and services will be reviewed.

However some development of the corporate web site (Elsevier.com) is
anticipated to support our essential online marketing needs and some
current activities would be migrated to that site where appropriate. These
proposed changes will take time to plan and implement and it is important
that our customers' needs continue to be met.

This difficult decision has been made in the context of an extremely
challenging budget cycle brought about by the continued tough market
conditions. Additionally, changes in legislation make it more difficult to
defray costs through advertising based activities using membership lists.
This has led to the need to review the resources deployed on portals in
support of our marketing strategy."

Bill Town
Kilmorie Consulting
e: bill.town@kilmorie.com
t: +44 20 8699 9764