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Re: CIC summit

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, John Unsworth wrote:

> I thought you'd be interested in this--a talk I gave earlier today to
> deans (of arts and sciences) and provosts from CIC/Big Ten
> universities, in Chicago.
> http://www.iath.virginia.edu/~jmu2m/CICsummit.htm

My old friend John Unsworth's proposals to the provosts are valuable
ones -- except for the conflation here and there between self-archiving
and self-publishing! 

The goal is open access to peer-reviewed research articles. The way to
achieve that goal is not for universities to become their own peer-review
providers and publishers! That has to continue to be outsourced to
independent journals. The way to achieve open access is for universities
to become *open-access providers* for their own peer-reviewed research
article output (which continues to be published in those independent
journals) by self-archiving them:


Stevan Harnad