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AIP announces relaunch of online hosting platform and personalizationfeatures including INSPEC partnership

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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 12:39:28 -0500
From: Carol Meyer <cmeye12@attglobal.net>
Subject: AIP announces relaunch of online hosting platform and
personalization features including INSPEC partnership

Below please find the text of two news releases issued today at a
reception held at Online Information in London concerning AIP's relaunch
of its online hosting platform and new personalization features.
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AIP's Scitation[SM] Links Scholars and Publishers to Online Services
For release after December 2, 2003, London, UK--AIP

Publishing Services today announced a new name for its online hosting
platform. The new name, "Scitation[SM]," will replace Online Journal
Publishing Service (OJPS), as the service has been known since 1996.
Scitation will launch in January 2004.
According to Marc H. Brodsky, AIP's Executive Director and CEO, "The name
Scitation conveys three important messages. First, it stresses the
platform's strength in science and engineering. Second, it reinforces
AIP's leadership in citation reference linking, both forward and backward.
Finally, it signals the breadth and timeliness of online products and
services that we develop and host beyond journals. Scitation will better
communicate our services to the broader scholarly community."
"Since our days as a pioneer in online journal hosting, our publishing
partners have experienced continuous improvements in quality and
functionality," added Frank Perugini, AIP's Director of Online Services.
"They value our first-hand publishing knowledge, our flexibility, our
responsiveness. The new name combined with a simpler user interface and a
suite of enhancements will expand awareness of our online platform."
These enhancements will allow researchers to personalize their Scitation
experience. They will be able to

 * Create, store, and manage individual collections of articles through
   a virtual filing cabinet;
 * Easily share article collections with colleagues;
 * Download properly formatted reference citations into popular
   reference management programs;
 * View a list of publications to which they have access, whether
   through their institutional or personal subscriptions;
 * Add favorite publications to a personal start page, which includes
   dynamic links to the current issues and publication archives; and
 * Quickly find relevant articles through better search features.
AIP Publishing Services will continue to provide Scitation publishers with
a range of capabilities, including robust e-commerce facilities, support
for varied business models, the ability to build digital storefronts, and
industry-leading reference linking services.
AIP Publishing Services ( <http://www.aipservices.org/>
www.aipservices.org) is a division of the American Institute of Physics (
<http://www.aip.org/> www.aip.org), a not-for-profit corporation chartered
in 1931 to provide publishing and distribution services for scientific and
technical societies. Its online publishing platform currently hosts over
550,000 articles from 114 scholarly publications for 18 learned society
publishers, in fields including physics, chemistry, geology, engineering,
acoustics, and other sciences.
Background Information:

http:// <http://www.aipservices.org/> www.aipservices.org

<http://scitation.aip.org/> http://scitation.aip.org 

Inspec Powers AIP Scitation[SM] Alerts
For release after December 2, 2003, London, UK--

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) and The IEE (The Institution of
Electrical Engineers) today announced a partnership to provide
Scitation[SM] Alerts powered by Inspec. The service is a current awareness
tool for individual researchers and will be available in April 2004.

Scientists may subscribe to alerts from 100 physics-related subject areas.
They will receive weekly email updates of new research published that week
in the Inspec database. Individuals may also subscribe to custom alerts
based on their own search criteria.

Martin Smith, Publishing Director and General Manager of Inspec,
commented, "The IEE is delighted to be working with respected scholarly
publisher AIP to provide engineers and physicists with research updates
designed to meet their needs. The comprehensive Inspec database and our
existing alert engine will greatly enhance their ability to track
developments in their fields."

"This agreement marks the latest step in AIP's close relationship with The
IEE and Inspec, the leading bibliographic resource for physics, computing,
and electronics," said Tim Ingoldsby, AIP Director of Business
Development. "It allows us to meet our scientists' requests for timely,
relevant profile-based alerts."

"Scitation Alerts will also provide an important centerpiece to the new
personalization suite offered by the Scitation online hosting platform,"
added Frank Perugini, AIP Director of Online Services.

AIP's classification experts have reviewed the Inspec taxonomy and have
identified a number of physics-related sub-disciplines that will be added
to the alert categories already available through Inspec Alerts. Members
of AIP member and affiliated societies will receive a discount.
Background Information:
http://scitation.aip.org <http://scitation.aip.org/>