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OUP Journals Renewals 2004 (fwd)

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 10:59:54 EDT
From: amy.williams@oupjournals.org
To: aokerson@pantheon.yale.edu, ann.okerson@yale.edu
Subject: OUP Journals Renewals 2004

Apologies for cross-posting

Following our announcement earlier in the year introducing our new pricing
structure for Oxford University Press (OUP) Journals in 2004, please find
attached important information on Journals renewals for OUP institutional

Ensure that you retain your online access in 2004

Oxford University Press Journals is keen that our customers should enjoy
uninterrupted access to their online titles in 2004. However some
customers may find that your renewals have been set by your subscription
agent to a print-only option.

Now that OUP have unbundled the print from electronic format, if you wish
to continue to have online access to OUP Journals in 2004 you must ensure
that you select or amend your renewal to include print and online
subscription package option, or the online-only option (at a 10% discount)
when you renew. You will be able to make the selection on format on a
title by title basis. Your access will not be affected in 2003.

Please see http://www.oupjournals.org/prices for the Institutional price
list along with the Pricing Policy and summary of terms of access, this
also includes information on title joiners/leavers and frequency changes
etc. for 2004.

If you have any questions please contact your subscription agent, or
contact OUP via Email: jnls.price@oupjournals.org or telephone: 800 852
7323 (USA & Canada)  919 677 0977 or +44 1865 353907 (ROW)

Kind Regards

Customer Services
Oxford University Press Journals