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Intertrust vs. Microsoft (DRM patent disputes)

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July 16, 2003 
Ruling Boosts InterTrust Claims
By Jon Healey, Times Staff Writer

Judge accepts the firm's definitions in a patent suit against Microsoft.
Decision could make it easier to prove the case ...

The judge has yet to decide whether InterTrust's 11 patents were violated
by Microsoft's products, including its recent operating systems,
productivity programs, digital media player and Xbox game console. But two
independent patent attorneys said her ruling could make it easier for
InterTrust to prove its case. (note apparently Microsoft is
using/supportingContentGuard's XrML?) ...

InterTrust was bought for $453 million in November by Fidelio Acquisition
Co., a venture launched by Sony Corp., Royal Philips Electronics and
Stephens Acquisition

See also MSFT DRM infringes on Sony/Philips DRM 
at Boing Boing Blog posted by Cory Doctorow

Also see DMCA Activitist listserv archive: 
From: Seth Johnson[DMCA-Activists] Intertrust Ahead in Digital Racket
ManagementPatent Fig
above material:
excerpted  from RIGHTS-L@LISTSERV.UTK.EDU posted by Hodge, Chris
[chodge5@UTK.EDU] July 17, 2003