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Re: Monopolies in publishing

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) in Washington should be able
to help with arguments about why the current regime is not a monopoly.  
The business news coverage of the acquisition of the Harcourt journals
business by Reed a few years ago covered the monopoly issue extensively.  
You will recall that the Dep't of Justice decided that there was no

There is more information on the other side, of course, as Google will
tell you.

Joe Esposito

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Subject: Monopolies in publishing

> I'm doing some research about the ethical dimensions of monopolistic
> practices in journal publishing, especially with respect to
> science-tech-medical publishing (though not necessarily restricted to
> those areas).
> Can anyone suggest:
> --the best possible source(s) defending the view that journal publishing
> practices are in fact monopolistic?
> --the best possible source(s) defending the view that they are not or,
> that if they are, that this is not problematic?
> I'm looking for a few good articles or papers on both sides of the issue
> that provide a bird's eye perspective on the question.
> Brian Simboli
> P.S.
> I'll be working through the material at
> http://www.arl.org/scomm/mergers/WhitePaperV2Final.pdf
> but want to see what else I should read on the subject:
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