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The Journal of Neuroscience Online Access

The Society for Neuroscience is very interested in making it easier for
librarians and account administrators to initiate online access to their
Journal of Neuroscience subscriptions.  If you need any assistance in
activating online access, or if you have any questions about your online
account, please contact Scott Aronson at subs@fn.org or call

If you prefer to activate your account yourself, you will need to know
your subscriber ID number.  This is a 9-digit number beginning with
"99900..." that is located on the Journal mailing label above your
address.  After you enter this number on the Journal of Neuroscience
website http://www.jneurosci.org/subscriptions, you will be asked to enter
your institutional contact information and IP addresses and to create a
username and password.  After these steps are completed all registered IP
addresses will have instant access to the Journal.

Again, if you need help with any aspect of online activation, please
contact us.

Scott Aronson
Subscriptions Coordinator
Tel 202-462-6688
Fax 202-462-1547