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E-ICOLC 5 in Denmark

The registration is now open.

The E-ICOLC 5 (International Coalition of Library Consortia in Europe)
Conference will take place Thursday 23rd through Saturday 25th October
2003, at the Comwell Borupgaard
<http://www.comwell.com/default_english.asp#borupgaard> , Elsinore in

Comwell Borupgaard is located in Snekkersten, North Zealand just outside
Elsinore. Snekkersten can be reached by train from Copenhagen in 47

All information including the conference programme are available on:

The conference will be arranged by Denmark's Electronic Research Library

Best regards,
Bo �hrstr�m

Deputy Director
Danish National Library Authority
Nyhavn 31 E
DK 1051 Copenhagen K

Tel: +45 33 73 33 73
Fax: +45 33 73 33 72
Email: boe@bs.dk <mailto:boe@bs.dk>