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DDQ 2(2)

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Subject: DDQ 2(2)

DDQ 2(2) is available at http://home.pacbell.net/hgladney/ddq_2_2.htm.

This DIGITAL DOCUMENT QUARTERLY number starts by suggesting a divide and
conquer partitioning of digital preservation challenges that can be
addressed almost independently of each other.  It also outlines how to
resolve published uncertainties how to handle dynamic digital documents,
such as those that represent artistic performances and business databases.
(The resolution of the confusions is partly based on the observation that
dynamic digital information presents no conceptual challenges beyond those
inherent in analog recording, which has not been a problem.  In fact,
digital records are in principle simpler than analog information, because
the former are static most of the time!)

Recent months have seen the appearance of a half dozen weighty committee
reports on archiving-reports that DDQ regards as required reading for
anyone serious about information preservation.  These are identified
without much comment.

The DDQ 2(2) table of contents lists:

        Migration, Emulation, and Durable Encoding
        Preserving Dynamic Behavior or Content
        Durable Encoding: Core Ideas
        Economics and Storage
        Critical Thinking: Managing Criticism by Investment
        News: Ted Codd Obituary and several Intellectual Property Events
        Reading Recommendations: Governmental Preservation Reports
        Home Computing Technology and Price Watch

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