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Re: Westlaw Campus Service

Dear John,

We spent 2 years negotiating an academic licence and have finally
succeeded this year. In my experience it depended on the representative
you had to deal with. Our break throughs came when the US person was
recalled to the States. Not much comfort for you, unfortunately. I would
be happy to provide more details off line. Gail

At 10:26 PM 20/05/2003 -0400, you wrote:
Has anyone recently dealt with a subscriber agreement for Westlaw Campus?
We are very interested in acquiring this online resource, but the
subscriber agreement I was sent for signature is obviously tailored to a
law firm and/or a law library, not an academic library.  To this point,
Westlaw has been less than helpful in working with me on this subscriber
agreement.  It appears as if they don't really care if they make a sale to
an academic library.

If anyone in an academic library has had a difference experience, I would
very much appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks.

John Reidelbach
University of Nebraska at Omaha
E-mail: jreidelb@mail.unomaha.edu