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RE: Reporter faked the news.

The electronic format is within NYTimes lawful possession, and yes it can
legally destroy, make unavailable electronically what it published and
what it permits licensees to maintain. That is exactly correct. However
that makes a true electronic permanent archive of the public record
unattainable doesn't it?

Is that really acceptable long term? Is there anyway to ensure the
reliabilty and permanence of the public e-record? If the creator, after
public distribution, has every right to purge the public record at whim,
because it becomes politically unpopular, because of all sorts and any
kind of reason, I believe that destroys not only confidence, but
undermines the continuity of the ways western society has consolidated its
understanding, its history, and created, in part, its future.


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Of course the NYT has no rights to destroy materials that have been
distributed, but it remains perfectly entitled to destroy the material that
is lawfully in its own possession.