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National Academies to Webcast May Symposium on STM Journal Publishing

National Academies to Webcast May Symposium on STM Journal Publishing

The "Symposium on Electronic Scientific, Technical, and Medical Journal
Publishing and Its Implications" will be presented by the National Academy
of Sciences (NAS) on May 19-20 at the NAS Auditorium, 2100 C Street NW, in
Washington, D.C. The meeting will be free and open to the public, but
advance registration is required. NAS will broadcast an audio version of
the symposium live on the Web.

The symposium will bring together experts in STM publishing, both
producers and users of these publications, to: identify the recent
technical changes in publishing, and other factors, that influence the
decisions of journal publishers to produce journals electronically;
identify the needs of the scientific, engineering, and medical community
as users of journals, whether electronic or printed; discuss the responses
of not-for-profit and commercial STM publishers and of other stakeholders
in the STM community to the opportunities and challenges posed by the
shift to electronic publishing; and examine the spectrum of proposals that
have been put forth to respond to the needs of users as the publishing
industry shifts to electronic information production and dissemination.

For additional information and registration, please visit the Symposium
Web site