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Stanford report on book digitization system

Please note the following report, of wide interest, from Stanford, whose
digitization program is most exciting:


The opening sentences:

	The Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources
(SUL/AIR) recently acquired a robotic page-turning and scanning device for
the mass digitization of bound print materials. Called the Digitizing Line
(DL), this book scanning device is the centerpiece of SUL/AIR's broad
array of on-campus digitization capabilities, and an integral part of the
libraries' Digital Library Program (DLP).

	The implementation of a new book scanning lab that houses the
Digitizing Line is part of the DLP's effort to increase online access to
the vast intellectual resources of the University Libraries. The mass
digitization of the libraries' bound print collections is but one
component of that effort. The DLP has developed a similar lab for the mass
digitization of unbound materials, which not only serves the needs of
local scanning projects, but has also been used as a mobile lab for
scanning valuable collections that reside in remote locations.
Furthermore, the DLP is engaged in ongoing efforts to license and purchase
digital content (such as e-journals and electronic texts) that support the
teaching and research mission of the University.

	The report describes the features of the DL, its supporting
hardware and software, and the status of SUL/AIR's implementation of a new
high-volume book scanning lab.