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ejournal javascript logins

I apologize for this being cross posted, maybe somebody on the list can
help me with this.

I have been able to use javascript and HTML to log our users on to the
full text of certain journals that require user names and passwords.  
Basically the user clicks on the link and the scripting logs them on to
the journal automatically without them ever having to know or see the
username and password. However, there are some journals (like Mosby and
Harcourt) that do not ask for a user name and password until you have
selected an article. Does anybody know how to use javascript in order for
the patron to log on to the full text of these journals without first
selecting an article?  Any examples that I can cut and paste in my web
page and later alter would be very helpful.

If only all journals would use IP authentication, it would make life a lot

I appreciate any help.

Michelle Kraft
Medical Librarian
Cleveland Clinic Foundation