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Re: FW: Problems with Blackwell Publishing Standard License Agreement

Dear Mr. Bannerman,

Thank you for your response to my message.  I hope that sometime in the
future Blackwell Publishing will review your Standard License and include
the same features as what is contained within the Premium License.  I
believe that many libraries would still prefer the Premium License because
of its enhanced content.  I think that stipulations concerning walk in
use, interlibrary loan, and remote access could exist in both licenses
without negatively impacting the number of libraries that purchase access
at the higher Premium rate.

Karl Debus-Lopez

Bannerman Ian wrote:

> Dear Mr Debus-Lopez and liblicense members
> Thank you for your comments on Blackwell Publishing's licensing terms.
> We continue to offer a very permissive license for Online-only
> subscriptions, Premium online-plus-print subscriptions and consortia
> customers. In addition, we now offer online access to the current and
> previous year's volumes with a standard print subscription. The license
> for this is less permissive. The emails that you have received explain how
> to gain standard access to the journals, as well as pointing you to our
> standard license.  We took the decision to automatically set-up standard
> access to our journals for libraries with a print subscription where we
> hold appropriate online contact information in order to minimise any
> access delays.
> The standard license does not provide for inter library loan, walk in
> users, or remote user access, but it does not specifically prohibit them
> (see section 4). We have not put any technical controls in place to limit
> this use but we reserve the right to do so.
> If a library with a standard subscription has not yet been contacted by us
> with access instructions but would like to gain standard access, then send
> an email to onlinehelp@blackwellpublishing.com and let us know:
> � Your name and email address
> � Your institution's name and addresses of all the main sites covered by
> your library
> � List of the Blackwell journals you have a print subscription to and you
> want standard access set up for.
> Premium online access is available to all libraries that opt for a Premium
> online-plus-print subscription (10% on top of the standard price) or an
> online-only subscription (10% less than the standard price).  This
> includes access to all available back-files and OnlineEarly articles for
> several journals via Blackwell-Synergy, where peer-reviewed articles are
> posted online before the print issue is published.
> In addition to deeper content, the license for this level of access includes:
> -       Ongoing access after expiry
> -       Inter library loan (paper copy printed from electronic)
> -       Electronic course pack use
> -       Walk in users
> -       Remote users
> To upgrade your standard subscription to Premium or Online, please contact
> your usual subscription agent or email
> customerservices@oxon.blackwellpublishing.com and provide your Customer ID
> and Subscription Number (if known) and full address.
> Our intention is to offer a range of online options to suit the needs of
> our customers and I apologise for the inevitable confusion caused by these
> changes. I hope that this explanation is helpful.
> Kind Regards
> Ian Bannerman
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