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Evidence-Based Nursing

Publisher response to comments on login procedure for Evidence-Based

Thank you for all your comments and feedback about the current
registration process for Evidence-Based Nursing (jointly published by BMJ
Publishing Group Ltd and the Royal College of Nursing publishing company).

I'd like to acknowledge and apologise for all the difficulties
institutional users are having with EBN online. The complex login
procedure was a compromise made necessary due to Highwire hosting the site
and the RCN needing to have control of the subscription and registration
process. It seemed an acceptable compromise at the time, but we now admit
that we got it wrong and need to come up with a better solution,
especially for IP authentication. We are meeting on the 17th of February
to try to resolve these problems, and I will let the listserve know the
outcome of this immediately, as it is likely that any solution will take
at least a week or two to implement.

I appreciate this is not an answer to your current access problems, but I
can assure you that the issue is a priority for the publishers.

Should anyone wish to provide further feedback, please do so via the
listserve or contact me directly at sking@bmjgroup.com 

Thank you. 
Sue King, managing editor for Evidence-Based Nursing
BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.