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ACRL Preconference on Open Access

ACRL registrants - please join us for "Open Access 101" an ACRL
preconference co-sponsored by SPARC and the ACRL Scholarly Communications

Registration is now open and you're encouraged to register as soon as
possible.  Details about the session, including time, date and fees are
included below.

If you have any questions, please contact Kerri Allen, SPARC 
Communications Manager, phone and e-mail are listed below.

Thank you.

Kerri Allen


Open Access 101: What, Why, and How You Can Make it a Reality

Hear from innovators in the open access movement on topics ranging from
the theoretical to the practical.  Speakers representing the Budapest Open
Access Initiative, Creative Commons, BioMed Central and DSpace will
examine key aspects of the library's role in an open access environment,
including adoption and support of open access journals; understanding how
innovative uses of copyright help scholars retain rights to their
research;  and how building digital repositories can facilitate open
access to advance scholarship.  Sponsored by SPARC and the ACRL Scholarly
Communications Committee

Presenters: Ray English, Oberlin College; Melissa Hagemann, Open Society
Institute (invited); Glenn Otis Brown, Creative Commons;  MacKenzie Smith,

Thursday, April 10, 9:00 a.m. - noon. Includes morning refreshment break
Registration fees: ACRL member: $135; ALA member: $175; Nonmember:  $215;
Student: $85