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Seminar on DRM of Interest

Readers of this Listserve will be interested in knowing about an upcoming
seminar on digital rights/asset management.

Gail Dykstra
Dykstra Research
Bus/Cell: 425-241-4632

"Managing Digital Rights- Protection, Business & Revenue," March 24,
Toronto Canada Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre

This one-day pre-conference seminar explores, demystifies and inspires new
thinking about the issues that surround Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Bill Rosenblatt, author of Digital Rights Management: Business and
Technology and President of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies heads a
list of speakers and participants from stakeholder industries including:
Enterprise content managers from business and government; publishers;
representatives of creator and public interest groups, the library user
community; leading DRM technology vendors; and, library content users.

Presentations will include:
- Fair Use and Fair Dealing issues and DRM technology;
- Security and confidentiality of digital content;
- Implications for licensing digital content and the business relationships
  between creators, publishers, and users.

For program and speaker details:


To register for MANAGING DIGITAL RIGHTS: Protection, Business & Revenue
visit www.informationhighways.net or call (416) 488-7372.

The Seminar is sponsored by the e-Content Institute and has been organized
by Gail Dykstra, Dykstra Research. The e-Content Institute is an
independent organization dedicated to advancing the interests of
organizations that provide knowledge and e-business software and
information products for Canadian public and private sector customers.