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RE: A bad case of DVD rot eats into movie collections

> If you think your prized collection of DVD movies will last a lifetime,
> think again - some are already starting to rot while others are falling
> apart. Unofficial estimates put the number of affected discs at between
> one and 10 per cent.

A few years back, there were widespread predictions that similar things
were going to happen to audio and data compact discs on a wide scale.  So
far, those predictions don't seem to have been borne out -- I know that in
my own collection of music CDs, which numbers some 2,500 discs varying in
age from one week to 15 years, I've only seen two cases of bronzing or
delamination. Does anyone know where the "unofficial estimates" of DVD rot
in the 1 to 10 percent range come from?  And are there official (or at
least reliable) statistics on CD rot up to this point?

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