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Charleston Advisor vol. 4 no. 3

The new issue of the Charleston Advisor Volume 4, Number 3, January 2003 is
editorial columns are free in this issue
Free reviews in this issue:

Comparative Review of Market Insight and Hoover's Online by Margie Ruppel,
Reference and Instruction Librarian, Southern Illinois University,
Carbondale, mruppel@lib.siu.edu <http://charlestonco.com/comp.cfm?id=35>

Casalini Libri by Sebastian Hierl (Univ. of Chicago), hierl@uchicago.edu
Free Op-Eds include:

The New Elsevier's Surprising Service Problems   Chuck Hamaker (UNC
Charlotte) <http://charlestonco.com/features.cfm?id=121&type=ed>

EBSCO and Elsevier: Pitt's New Experiment, a Discussion with Rush Miller,
Director of Libraries at the University of Pittsburgh
Vendor Responsibilities for Linking Services, George S. Machovec,
george@coalliance.org <http://charlestonco.com/features.cfm?id=116&type=me>

New Products & Services Users = Usability. Judy Luther (Informed
Strategies) jluther@earthlink.net 
Advisor Reports from the Field 
Heard on the Net, Margaret Landsman (Marriott
Library, University of Utah) mlandesm@library.utah.edu
Advisor Reports from the Field 
What Libraries and Library Consortia Require to Serve End-Users 
Effectively, Hazel Woodward (Cranfield University)

Advisor Reports from the Field 
An Interview with Blaise Simqu, Executive Vice President, Sage 
Publications Inc.